Nigerian Teenager Wins the Young CEO Award in the US

A remarkably gifted Nigerian lad, Kanyeyachukwu Tagbo Okeke, aged 14, has been granted the esteemed Young CEO Award in the United States. Despite being autistic, Okeke continues to excel as a distinguished painter. He was born in Calgary, Canada and hails from the Anambra State in Nigeria.

Okeke was nominated for the Young CEO Award by Newark City’s Mayor, Ras J. Baraka, in the United States.

The Mayor lauded Okeke on Sunday at the ‘The New Nigeria Strategic Plan on Reform for the Economy (SPORE)’ 2023 event, during the 8th annual Nigerian Independence Day celebrations.

Okeke was accorded this award in recognition of his unwavering dedication, his inspirational leadership, and his remarkable contributions at various levels. Despite facing health challenges, this gifted young artist has drawn worldwide attention for his impressive artistic prowess.

“Your significant contributions, your steadfast dedication to establishing a strong foundation, and upholding ethical values throughout your journey is commendable,” said Mayor Baraka.

Kecia Daniels, the City of Newark Clerk, in an official statement confirmed that Kanyeyachukwu has been enthusiastically embraced by the Newark City Council members. This was part of the recognition during the 8th annual Nigerian Independence Day 2023 celebrations, which was a tribute to the Lord & Nike.

Nigerian Adolescent Earns Young CEO Award in America

Not only in his native Nigeria, but globally, Kanyeyachuckwu is acknowledged in the creative arts and special needs communities for advocating diversity and inclusivity. In 2019, his relentless efforts earned him the Nigerian Independence Day Award for Social Bravery.

Okeke’s artistic creations adorn the walls of several diplomatic offices in Nigeria and foreign mission headquarters worldwide.

Okeke’s body of work, including his paintings, have been displayed in various cities including New York, Washington DC, Malta, and at the OPEC Fund for International Development art exhibition in Vietnam, Austria.

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3 thoughts on “Nigerian Teenager Wins the Young CEO Award in the US

  1. This is very encouraging to read. We need more of this brilliant minds in our country. Keep making we Nigerians proud bro.

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