At 20, Female Graduate of a US University Clinches Entrepreneur of the Year Prize

Virginia State University saw one of its graduates, 20-year-old Aaliyah Duah, winning the distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Aaliyah, a business management graduate from Virginia State University, was named the Entrepreneur of the Year during the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) conference.

Aaliyah’s award was a testimony to her exceptional contribution to financial literacy and entrepreneurship among the Black community.

At only 20, Aaliyah runs her business, Financial Revolution, a social media platform that encourages financial literacy and entrepreneurship in a relatable and entertaining way.

Aaliyah, from Brooklyn, New York City, noted the adverse effects of poor financial choices on people and communities from her own experiences.

During the lockdown, Aaliyah had an enlightening moment where she acknowledged her skewed priority towards material possessions. This realization sparked her ambition to improve financial literacy among the Black community, and she dedicated herself to this goal.

A 20-year-old student walks out of an American university as the Entrepreneur of the Year

During her time in college, Aaliyah authored her first book, The Blueprint for Investing, which offers a practical guide to stock market investing. Remarkably, she sold over a hundred copies within a fortnight, defying odds.

In addition to this, Aaliyah also developed a unique financial literacy game named “Rap Cards,” that uses rap lyrics as an innovative way to educate the youth about managing money. She was also the creator of ‘The Billion Dollar Plan’, a financial planner helping individuals chart out their financial destinations.

Tirelessly committed to serving her community, Aaliyah performed her role as the Vice-president of the Student Government Association at Virginia State University. Here, she successfully championed for an annual funded trip to Ghana, West Africa for students and faculty to understand their African roots better.

With a series of back-to-school initiatives, complimentary events and webinars, Aaliyah ensured that her college experience went beyond academics. For her, it was a platform that nurtured growth.

In recognition of her outstanding work, McDonald’s selected Aaliyah as one of the 2023 Black & Positively Golden Change Leaders. This recognition comes with a $20,000 grant for their business and a media campaign to highlight their platform.

Aaliyah says she plans to channel these resources towards developing exciting and inventive ways for people of color, of all ages, to boost their financial literacy. This would be done through different mediums like music, movies, courses, books, podcasts, and more.

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