Nigerian 26-year-old who financed his studies by selling fish attains first class degree and earns ₦1.25 million as top student

Olàbòdé Williams Jolomi, a 26-year-old man from Nigeria, funded his collegiate studies by selling fish. He successfully graduated from Ekiti State University in Nigeria with a first class degree, boasting a 4.94 out of a possible 5.00, also taking home a cash reward of 1.25 million Nigerian naira as the best student of his graduating class.

Olàbòdé despite facing financial difficulties, earned his undergraduate degree in Forest Resources and Wildlife Management with an exceptional 4.94 cumulative grade.

In a conversation with Campus News, he disclosed that he began selling fish during his second year to assist his parents financially.

“Financial troubles lead me to start selling fish from the second to fourth year of college, providing a helping hand to my parents in funding my education,” he explained.

He also shared he had previously tutored his classmates and other students from his department but had to stop due to some unrevealed issues he encountered.

Fish-seller achieves first class degree

Supplementing his ₦1.25 million cash prize for being the best graduating student, Olàbòdé received ₦250,000 from a university alumnus. He was also granted one million naira from another former student for his efforts and contributions to the institution.

With future aspirations of pursuing a master’s degree overseas, Olàbòdé suggests that young students remain focused, steadfast, and set personal goals, while disregarding any potential hindrances their backgrounds could bring.

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