Doctoral degree conferred to septuagenarian for inventing a water-powered stove

Hadi Usman, an unlettered Nigerian innovator, has been bestowed an honorary doctorate degree. This 70-year-old created a generator that doesn’t require fuel, a stove fuelled by water, and a helicopter using a Vespa motor.

The innovative septuagenarian, Hadi Usman, was conferred with an honorary Doctor of Science degree by Gombe State University, in recognition of his noteworthy inventions including a water-powered stove.

Hadi Usman, a Nigerian with no formal educational background, exhibits exceptional prowess. Among his inventions include a water-fuelled stove and a fuelless generator.

Furthermore, Hadi also developed a radio station, a radio transmitter, a helicopter engineered from a Vespa motorcycle, and a telephone handset, all from his living room in 1970.

Safianu Danladi Mairiga, the Media Senior Special Assistant to the Gombe State Governor, disclosed on Twitter that the honorary doctorate was awarded to Hadi during the Gombe State University’s convocation ceremony.

Education-less septuagenarian gains honorary doctorate

Despite lacking formal education, Hadi has consistently demonstrated his genius, memorizing the Holy Quran at age 12. In a Dailytrust interview, he recounted his journey as an inventor began while working as a Vespa Motorcycle technician.

In his tenure as a Vespa mechanic, he designed a two-seater mini helicopter. It was Hadi who launched the first-ever private radio station in Kano.

He confessed that he had never received formal training in electronics or electrical repairs, and learned his skills from simply observing others in electronic repair shops.

Regarding his inspiration and method as a scientist, Hadi confesses that he depends on a trial-and-error approach for his inventions. Upon successfully completing an experimental project, he records the procedures for future reference.

The 70-year-old Hadi advises the youth to persist in their chosen professions, regardless of the absence of government backing, and not to be easily disheartened.

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