A 22-year-old hijab sister named Zainab expressed her pain when the Alhaji who had funded her lifestyle ended up marrying another lady. In her response, she questioned the patience of men.

The 22-year-old hijab sister, Zainab Abidoye, gained attention on microblogging platform .

Zainab, a graduate of the University of Ilorin, shared her grief on her official X page after receiving a video from Alhaji, the 52-year-old who supported her financially. The video revealed that he had married another woman who looked like her.

Despite living a lavish lifestyle, driving a Lexus, living in a lavish apartment and traveling the world with financial support from Abuja-based Alhaji, Zainab expressed her pain in a post. She emphasized that she does not regret not having ended up with the man. This revelation has sparked discussions and reactions on social media.

Zainab revealed that despite the Alhaji's willingness to shower her with wealth, she refused to accept it because she did not want to become a second wife.

Zainab revealed that she chose not to marry the man due to a significant 30-year age difference and his toxic behavior.

Zainab Abideoye's post drew criticism from an Mayor called Zainab a “clown” for labeling 52-year-old Alhaji as toxic, highlighting how she is benefiting from his financial support including a lavish lifestyle, a Lexus Jeep and a new apartment after her previous one was investigated by EFCC.

Mayor also mentioned the widespread awareness of Zainab's relationship with Ilorin and how Zainab's mother urged her to marry the Alhaji who promised to sponsor her mother for Hajj if she accepted his proposal.

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@Mayorrealy shared screenshots of a loving WhatsApp conversation between Zainab and her 52-year-old Alhaji sugar daddy, highlighting that Zainab had visited the man in Abuja several times and even spent nights there.

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