Conflict arises when a woman accuses her peers of using a cellphone during a test, following her refusal to share her responses

A dispute erupted at a Nigerian educational establishment when a woman claimed her classmate was using a cellphone during a test, after she declined to share her answers.

The institute was filled with onlookers and the situation was marred by disarray over the chosen approach to the situation.

An explanation of the event was provided in the video caption.

It was discovered that the aide of a smartphone was used by a student to complete her test. Her cohort, who was seeking responses but received none, opted to expose her actions.

A gathering of students.

The video caption alleged that the academic institution remanded the student from a third-year level, back to a first-year level.

The caption in the video read…

“This individual betrayed a co-student who was utilizing mgbo kirikiri (cellphone) to complete her test in the hallway because the revealed student aimed to finish her test before sharing her solutions.

The student was sent back from a third-year level to a first-year level by the school. Some people can be exceedingly ruthless.”

Watch the included video below…


Some people can be incredibly ruthless 💔 😢💔 #heart #bad #badfeel #heartless #wickedthemusical #haart #heartbreak #academic

♬ original audio – Nwabu_Maron

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