Ownership and Dedication

ComradeFeed, a media outlet operated by O7 Media Limited, stands as a prominent and independent news and media organization in Nigeria, reflecting our dedication to delivering information to our audience in Nigeria and across the world.

Our Journey and Mission

In September 2022, our journey began with a primary objective: offering innovative technological models for presenting essential stories to every Nigerian, whether they reside at home or abroad. The founding team at ComradeFeed embarked on this mission with a clear vision, aiming to provide Nigerians with news, particularly in the realms of politics and entertainment.

Foundation of Comprehensive Journalism

  • High-Quality Content

At the core of our work is comprehensive journalism, a commitment to producing content that engages our readers while upholding the highest standards of quality.

Principles of Journalistic Integrity

Our quest for journalistic excellence centers on adhering to the principles of journalistic integrity. We strive to provide information that allows readers to grasp the facts and form their own conclusions. As a result, ComradeFeed delivers comprehensive coverage, achieved through meticulous research and clear explanations.

Independence and Transparency

  • Non-Partisanship

Independence is the cornerstone of our approach. We are committed to non-partisanship, independently selecting the subjects we cover to share the complete narrative without influence from financial or advertiser interests.

Responsibility and Outreach

  • Accepting Errors

ComradeFeed acknowledges its reach and responsibilities and is dedicated to accepting and transparently rectifying any errors.

  • Impressive Audience Reach

Our unwavering commitment to our audience has led to significant success in the News and Entertainment section, with a wide reach through our website (comradefeed.com) and active engagement on our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Social Commitment

  • Upholding Social Standards

Our commitment to social standards is a vital aspect of our work. The ComradeFeed team is dedicated to upholding the highest social standards, including integrity, respect, diversity, and gender equality, while safeguarding the well-being and dignity of our employees, customers, interviewees, and the public.

Contact Information

  • Reach Out to Us

To connect with us, you can easily reach us through our Contact Us Page.



Meet Our Team

  • Ochoche Benard: Head of Content

Ochoche Benard is a driven individual with a passion for transforming lives through a diverse range of business ventures. He excels in collaborative efforts, possesses excellent communication skills, and is highly skilled in fostering strong customer relations.

Ochoche holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering, awarded by Joseph Sarwuan Tarkaa University in 2023. His academic journey has not only equipped him with a solid foundation in engineering but also honed his proficiency in web development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In addition to his engineering background, Ochoche has made a mark as a digital marketer and web developer. His skills and expertise in these areas reflect his commitment to utilizing technology for effective communication and business development.

As the Head of Content, Ochoche Benard’s unwavering dedication to changing lives through innovative business ventures, combined with his technical prowess and interpersonal skills, make him a remarkable leader and contributor to any team or organization.


  • Festus Iheme:

Festus Iheme is a passionate individual with a deep commitment to education. He is characterized by his exceptional communication skills and is known for his collaborative and team-oriented approach to projects.

Festus earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Joseph Sarwuan Tarkaa University in 2023, achieving an impressive 97% grade, which underscores his dedication to academic excellence. His academic journey has also honed his proficiency in C++, a testament to his technical acumen.

In 2020, Festus embraced a role as an influencer for Minds.com, demonstrating his ability to leverage his communication skills and passion for education in the digital realm.

Festus Iheme’s remarkable academic achievements, technical expertise, and commitment to education underscore his potential as a valuable contributor to endeavors that align with his passions and skills.


  • Jennifer Odoh:

Jennifer Odoh is a passionate individual with a strong belief in people rising up to achieve great things. She possesses excellent communication skills, extensive technical knowledge, and is known for her collaborative nature as a team player.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Joseph Sarwuan Tarkaa University, which she completed in 2023. Her academic background has equipped her with skills in reading financial statements, a solid understanding of accounting fundamentals, and certification in professional ethics. Furthermore, she excels in customer relations.

In addition to her educational achievements, Jennifer has dedicated her time to volunteering as a marketing specialist with AIESEC. Her commitment to making a positive impact is further highlighted by her role as a research writer for IamBenue in 2022.

Jennifer Odoh’s versatile skill set and commitment to personal and professional development make her a valuable asset to any endeavor she undertakes.


  • Rebecca Odoh:

Rebecca Odoh is a passionate individual with a deep love for baking and a strong interest in writing, reading, and the pursuit of justice. She is known for her excellent communication skills, unwavering work ethic, and exceptional organizational abilities.

Rebecca holds a degree in Law, graduating from Benue State University in 2023. Her legal background has equipped her with valuable skills, particularly in the realm of customer relations.

In addition to her academic achievements, Rebecca is also a dedicated research writer for IamBenue, a role she has fulfilled in 2022. Her passion for justice and her ability to articulate her thoughts make her a valuable contributor to the causes she supports.

Rebecca Odoh’s diverse interests, strong communication skills, and commitment to justice and research set her apart as a dynamic and valuable individual.


  • Grant Tsaku:

Grant Tsaku is a multi-talented individual with expertise in graphic design and video editing. He is recognized for his collaborative spirit, excellent communication skills, and a strong commitment to maintaining professional ethics and customer relations.

Grant holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering, a testament to his academic dedication, which he obtained from the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria in 2023. This academic background provides a unique blend of technical and creative skills, making him a standout professional in his field.

In 2020, Grant joined the team at mgDesigns, where his creative abilities have been put to great use. It’s worth noting that he was responsible for creating the striking ComradeFeed logo, which has contributed significantly to the blog’s visual identity and success.

Grant Tsaku’s diverse skill set, combined with his commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction, make him a valuable asset in the field of graphic design and video editing.


  • Faith Benard:

Meet Faith Benard, an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Nursing Science at Benue State University. Beyond her academic pursuits, Faith has a range of hobbies that include singing, listening to music, cooking, staying informed about new online money-making opportunities, and reading.

Faith’s passion lies in making a difference in the lives of others, and she is dedicated to helping people in any way she can. Her experiences in blogging and affiliate marketing have honed her skills in digital communication and online promotion.

Currently, Faith is excited to collaborate with ComradeFeed, a fast-rising blog that has been making waves in the blogging sphere. She is confident that working with ComradeFeed will be an enriching and rewarding experience for all involved.

Faith Benard’s commitment to learning, her diverse interests, and her enthusiasm for helping others make her a promising and valuable addition to the team at ComradeFeed.


  • Abigail Erube:

Abigail Erube is a passionate individual with a strong commitment to education. Her dedication to this cause is underpinned by her excellent communication skills, her ability to build strong customer relations, and her reputation as a hard-working professional.

Abigail’s previous experience includes a role as a Sales Representative for Sky Packing Material LLC, where her expertise and dedication contributed to the company’s success. Her ability to effectively communicate and build relationships with customers played a crucial role in achieving sales objectives.

Abigail Erube’s unwavering passion for education, combined with her interpersonal skills and her track record in sales, positions her as a dedicated and accomplished professional in her field.


  • Abigail Honest:

Abigail Honest is a passionate individual who believes in pursuing endeavors that provide a deep sense of purpose. She excels in the area of communication, building strong customer relations, and is known for her unwavering work ethic.

Abigail’s commitment to her passions and her skills in effective communication and customer relations make her a dedicated and valuable asset in any endeavor she chooses to pursue.

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