PDP to Bashiru: ‘Halt your futile hopes for an APC comeback in Osun,’ Adeleke warns

The Osun State segment of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has criticized the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Secretary, Ajibola Bashiru, for his allegation that Governor Ademola Adeleke’s regime is fueled by falsehoods.

He asserted that the federal government’s revenue distribution has significantly expanded, yet this has not improved the state residents’ living standards.

In response to Bashiru’s accusations on Friday, the PDP State Chairman, Sunday Bisi, contended that the APC is disregarding the positive progress and significant change occurring in Osun State.

In a public address, he accentuated that Adeleke is guiding the state toward long-term growth by initiating projects like road infrastructure enhancement, superior healthcare, and a rejuvenated education system.

Bisi encouraged Basiru to abstain from useless hope that the APC will regain control over the state.

According to Bisi, “Bashiru’s remarks overlook the noteworthy improvements and positive changes under Governor Adeleke’s rule in Osun State. For the first time in thirteen years and under less than a year of PDP leadership, Osun State experiences an instance of accountable and compassionate governance.

“Governor Adeleke has directed the state toward long-lasting infrastructural development, exceptional healthcare, enhanced education, and an unparalleled water supply incorporating numerous citizen-centric measures. All of this has been accomplished in an environment of openness and accountability, a stark contrast to the domineering and extortionate governance of the past.”

“APC’s chances in the upcoming 2026 elections and beyond are clearly dwindling, and this harsh reality is something Bashiru should seriously consider before further wasting his energy on delusional hopes of a revival.”

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