“Ghetto Envoy” – Prospective school head boy receives VIP entrance as he makes marked entry into the auditorium

An ambitious Nigerian pupil, vying for the role of head boy at his school, has generated buzz in the online community for the impressive reception he received as he entered the venue, flanked by his endorsees and cheerleaders.

In a recent video posted online, the committed youth was viewed strolling into the hall, asyoung women applauded and commended him.

Nigerian Pupil.

He was accompanied from the auditorium’s threshold to his designated place.

The video’s note reads: ‘What a majestic entry from the prospective school head.’

The young man’s behaviors and the responses he received from his dedicated advocates have not escaped the notice of users who have inundated the comments section to share their views.

A commentator aliasing as the potential head boy referred to him as “The Ghetto’s Emissary, the people’s voice, morphing from a nobody to a somebody.”

An array of comments can be seen below:

Siya: “Ghetto’s Envoy, street’s voice, from none to a hero.”

jeffrey morrison662: “‎Even the director isn’t safe. What kind of National Security is this school head?”

AMAKA: “This is Peter Obi during his school days.”

Bishop Chideraa: “This lad wants to win over the entire institution.”

Sweet_Beryl: “The way he strives ardently to keep his seriousness.”

@Akatamu _Bob_Marley: “I swiftly dive into the comments section often.”

“Mbũku njũgĩ: “Ghetto’s leader, fine girls’ envoy.”

Nate: “the victor, the champion, the lion: has arrived.”

dure_Dior: “Pablo causes a commotion everywhere.”

benzola: “I recall being nominated as disciplinary chief.”

NAIRA: “Eventually, we will all participate with Ashawo and Yahoo.. they’re quite entertaining.”

Snow’s King!: “Did you not notice his deputy carrying his suitcase?”

Focus.OG: “Let it be, his peer has quit school already, let him find work I beg.”



A majestic entry from the potential school head #acherensuashs #secondary school #fyp

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