“Try your luck with Davido” – Reno Omokri responds to woman’s amorous proposal

Reno Omokri politely declined her suggestion, expressing that he is solely dedicated to and intrigued by his wife’s offerings.

Reno Omokri, a prominent author and political activist, caused a stir when he shared a risqué proposition he received online, inadvertently involving Davido in the incident.

A Twitter user, who goes by the handle @jiggyjuel, provided Reno with a glimpse at what she intended to offer. Her post featured a picture of a woman, presumably herself, showcasing a generous bust on a tabletop.

In the caption of the picture, she indicated her intent to present this as a gift to him. Reno Omokri respectfully declined her proposition. He made it known that his interest lies solely in what his wife brings to the table.

Interestingly, the woman had kept her display name as “Davido’s wife”. The social commentator wished her well on her pursuits with the popular musician, Davido.

He penned…

“I appreciate your comment. Your message is well received. It’s not that the item on offer isn’t appealing, but I prefer fresh and organic meals, and my wife is the only one who knows how to make those. In fact, I’m the only man she has ever cooked for. Best of luck with Davido!

Thank you once again, and may God’s blessings be with you.

Stirring the pot”

The comments reacting to the post include…

Chapter__Lee posted: “Better luck with DAVIDO 💀💀”

Mufasafire queried: “Should Davido be brought into this?”

Kingz_effect observed: “That’s her contribution to the situation”

eruemubrainiac jokingly added: “😂 😂 Davido ended up with something he didn’t toss.”

topeagbabo remarked: “This is a very calculated move by @davido4thwife, consider the attention she’s drawing and@renoomokri’s refusal to participate but also weighing the potential while the public engages in a competitive chase.”

Pirezprecious shared: “Unsuspecting Davido gets roped in.”

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