The exceptional manner in which Bolu’s mother raises him leaves the public in awe – The strong connection between Wizkid’s sons Boluwatife and Zion captures netizens’ interest

Enchanting videos of Wizkid’s sons have left the online community mesmerized.

On Friday night, the artist and his siblings gave their mother a wonderful send-off in the company of celebrities and influential personalities.

The entire family, comprising Wizkid, his sons, and their mothers, graced the funeral, making the occasion a family affair.

A widely shared video sees his eldest son, Boluwatife, spending quality time with his younger half-brother, Zion.

The strong bond between the two boys, who share different mothers, elicited surprise among many as Zion was seen sitting on his brother’s lap, posing for a picture.

Bolu went a step further to shower his young brother and his mother, Sola Ogudugu, with money.

This series of events led many to admire the singer and his sons.

The user Amak Hairs commented: “The way Bolu’s mother is bringing him up is commendable. She warrants recognition.”

Obehi Demi observed, “Incredible how even their lip-biting and motions are alike. It’s in the DNA.”

Olisa 3loka asserted: ‘The family resembles the combination of beans and bread. It’s better together and becomes all the more sweet and powerful when joined.”

“Exactly how it’s meant to be. May God bless them both,” Symply Ose added.

‘The job Bolu’s mother is doing is remarkable, she deserves appreciation,” Eleanor Fundz noted.

Dees Palace of Beauty expressed, “Wow, this is remarkable.”

“This is so endearing,” Obi Udoo mentioned.

Syvia Lyn stated, ‘These are the sorts of occurrences we love to see.”

Boluwatife displays a caring elder brother demeanor towards Zion. #wizkid pic.twitter.com/BrXhulSfwX

— Styleee🟢🇺🇸 (@Styleee___) October 13, 2023

Boluwatife makes it rain for Zion 💸💰 pic.twitter.com/DQ5CEeQjuK

— TEAMWIZKID (@TeamWizkidFc) October 13, 2023

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