Boy sent home with disciplinary letter for saying Jesus Christ at school: 'Dishonest'

Religion has become a hot topic in school, as some educational institutions strive to provide children with a neutral environment.

A young boy looking heartbroken. Photo for illustration. Credit: KTVU, Getty Images/Wealan Pollard.
Source: UGC

A young boy is in hot water with his school after saying 'Jesus Christ' earlier in 2024.

Mom gets a call from her son's first-grade teacher

The school immediately reported the matter to the boy's parent, who was stunned by the school's decision.

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Shonna Coleman, the boy's mother, received a call from her son's classroom teacher to inform him about the boy's language.

“I was shocked and surprised,” said the mother, a resident of Southaven, Mississippi, United States of America (USA), told KTVU.

Boy receives document with 'Parent notification of disciplinary incident'

She was told her son reacted and said the Jesus Christ, which was described as a “bad word” after he accidentally dropped his Lego toys.

Her first-grade son was also sent home with a document titled “Parent Notification of Disciplinary Incident.”

“I understand if he did it again, and then you write him down. He got no warning. He got talking, she called me and they put a note there. This kind of thing follows a kid in his record ”, said the heartbroken mother.

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