Scandal Involving Certificate: The Reason Behind Tinubu’s Silence over Atiku and Obi’s Accusations – Alliance

The Alliance of Civil Society Groups and Political Coalitions for Responsible Leadership has clarified the reasons why President Bola Tinubu hasn’t personally addressed the allegations made by Atiku Abubakar and his fellow Peter Obi about the legitimacy of Tinubu’s educational credentials from Chicago State University.

Atiku and Obi have both challenged the President to reveal his true identity in response to the unfounded certificate counterfeiting claims made against Tinubu.

According to GISTLOVER, Tinubu’s win was reinforced by the Presidential Election Complaints Tribunal’s verdict, which Atiku and Obi made failed attempts to annul by filing 86 appeals to the Supreme Court.

The former Vice President made accusations against Tinubu claiming he falsified his CSU degree in Business Administration obtained in 1979, while Obi insisted the ex-Governor of Lagos should clarify his true identity to the Nigerian people.

The coalition’s spokesperson, Dr. Ene Ogbole, revealed to a correspondent that individuals who are familiar with the president, like themselves, comprehend why he would choose not to dignify the frivolous sentiments of both politicians with a personal rebuttal.

The ex-coordinator of the Tinubu-Shettima Presidential Campaign Council praised the President for his exemplary conduct, maturity, and fair play displayed thus far.

“Both Atiku’s and Obi’s intense focus on the President’s degree from Chicago State University is enough to unsettle anyone. It can be quite distracting. It’s similar to the overwhelming demand for him to participate in a media discussion, to which he refrained. When he finally spoke out, the Nigerian people were taken aback. There were speculations as to why he had remained incognito. He is a man defined by decorum, high intellect, and broad experience. He discerns when to utter a word and when to refrain,” provided Ogbole.

“The global community is content with the discoveries made. When his opponents start to demonstrate maturity in their discussions, he will respond. After all, it is his fundamental right to answer inquiries at his own convenience, especially when the inquiries are directed to him. At some point, he will respond,” he added.

“What else do you need to hear when the concerned institution comes out, confirms that ‘this man was our student’ and even provides a hotline for public inquiries? The educational institution swore in affidavit that ‘this man was our student and acquired the certificate’.”

“The BBC, regarded as one of the most credible news outlets globally, also conducted an investigation and found him free of all charges. All these confirmations have gained international recognition. Any claims now are mere chatter. We are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that His Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR has provided genuine academic certificates along with valid data to the Independent National Electoral Commission. If someone has any reservations about his submissions, they should proactively provide counter evidence.”

“It is therefore reckless and foolish for anyone to question the veracity of the President’s submissions to the Electoral Commission solely based on unfounded suspicions as Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Mr. Peter Obi has done.”

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