Charles Okocha blasts Portable's victory and clears air of N40 Million scam

Nollywood actor Charles Okocha has insisted that Nigerian musician Portable failed to beat him in their famous boxing match last December.

Portable defeated Charles Okocha in the fifth round of the famous boxing fight but the Nollywood star insisted he was not defeated, claiming the musician was the first to abandon the fight.

Okocha even went as far as to describe the fight as a “rigged” fight, adding that the musician who weighs far below him cannot beat him in a well-organized boxing fight.

“It was rigged so that Portable could win,” Charles told Punch. “He did not fight the full rounds as we should have done, they also did not make sufficient preparations for the fight and the organizers are not happy with the outcome of the event.

“First of all, the ring was not good, the whole ring was slippery and they had not cleaned it properly after previous fights. That was why on the first lap, when Portable charged at me and tried to hit my head, I slipped and fell while trying to avoid him. But in the second round I had the upper hand, and even until the third round I still had the upper hand. Then he took off his boxing gloves and said he wasn't fighting anymore. You know how portable it is.

“So I expected him to be disqualified, because why would you take your gloves off in the middle of a fight? That should be a disqualification, but even if they didn't disqualify him for that because it's an exhibition fight, I don't think he should have been declared the winner. I think a draw would have been fairer if I hadn't won. Someone says he doesn't fight, and yet he was declared the winner. I was very disappointed.”

Recall that Okocha and Portable met in the ring at the Landmark Beach in Lagos on the eve of December 27, 2023 after the Nollywood star allegedly defrauded the musician of 40 million naira.

Therefore, the organizers of the boxing fight used the fight to help them settle their scores. However, Okocha insisted that he had not defrauded Portable and that the alleged scam was only to promote the fight.

When asked about the scam, Charles Okocha said: “That is not true at all, he is just talking like he always does. I didn't take any money out of him, Portable just loves drama, this is just one of those things people say before a fight to stir up controversy.

“Because of the social media hype, we got an offer from the organizers and we accepted it, that was all. It was just business, we have no problems.”

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Charles Okocha who claimed that the fight organizers are unhappy with the outcome of the fight said the organizers are working on arranging a better planned rematch and he is ready for it.

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