Ifu Ennada Advocates For Do2dtun Amidst His Custody Struggle With Ex-Wife and Family, Puts The Spotlight On Children’s Rights

Ifu Ennada, an alumnus of Big Brother Naija, shares her thoughts concerning the present custody clash involving renowned radio personality Oladotun Ojuolape, famously known as Do2dtun, and his former spouse, Omotayo Oyebanjo.

Durring the past weekend, the broadcaster criticized D’banj’s younger sister in an Instagram series for barring him from his daughters.

Ifu implores the public to begin advocating now, rather than waiting until matters take a turn for the worst.

She pointed out that Dotun possesses legitimate rights to see his kids, a fact that is affirmed by a court ruling.

The reality TV star sympathetically brought attention to his plight and highlighted the unfavorable treatment he has received.

She humorously touched upon his family-in-law backing their daughter’s choices and raised questions about their spirituality.

Ifu emphasized that regardless of the reason for separation, it’s inappropriate to use children as bargaining chips to spite your former partner, especially when they are genuinely interested in being a part of their lives.

‘Justice for Dotun. We shouldn’t wait until circumstances deteriorate before we initiate advocacy. JusticeForDotun. This man is legally entitled to visitation rights – the court ruling even corroborates this. His situation is devastating, and every post he shares on social media illustrates the unsatisfactory way he’s been treated.

Has Nigeria become lawless, with people blatantly disregarding court orders? Nobody is above the law. Grant him access to his children without delay!

“I perceive that his wife and in-laws identify as Christians. What kind of Christian exhibits such authoritarian behavior? Is this in line with Christ’s teachings on how we should conduct ourselves as Christians? Do we serve the same God? One cannot profess Christianity and simultaneously indulge in actions that glorify the devil. Christian identity cannot be a fair-weather convenience.”

“Regardless of the reasons leading to their separation, it’s inappropriate to exploit children as leverage in an attempt to antagonize your former partner, particularly one who genuinely wants to be part of their lives. Justice for Dotun.”

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