Deeman Young Duu pleas, “Join my record label”

Up-and-coming artist and social media darling, Deeman invited Young Duu to join him at his music label with the intention of signing him up.

Previously, Young Duu was a part of Portable’s record label, where he claimed he did not serve a purpose.

Nevertheless, the budding artist now has another shot at fame as Deeman is willing to provide him a chance in the music industry via his record label, Jeeznation.

Deeman alleges that after Portable dismissed him, he asked Young Duu to join his record label. He further claims that he will purchase the same Honda car once bought for Young Duu.

Social Media Users’ Reactions:

@UncleCCA suggested: The small profits your record label produces will tackle minor issues such as acne.

@adorable_az queried: Which other countries besides the ones participating in the African Cup of Nations are present in Nigeria?

@Rian_dperfumer remarked: This gentleman resembles Nigeria.
He appears to reflect the struggles occurring in Nigeria. Everything seems chaotic!

@official_adags commented: Young Duu seems like a lesser-scale Portable, hence this matter might persist for a while. Regardless, it does not pique my interest.

Below is the relevant video:

“I heard that you’re no longer with your former boss, come to Jeeznation and I will sign you up” – Deeman’s proposal to Young Duu pic.twitter.com/mXsg0JjuFB

— YabaLeftOnline (@yabaleftonline) October 14, 2023

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