Comprehensive Rundown: 40 Election Locations in Imo Undecided

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Discloses Specific Stations in Imo Where Voting Won’t Commence on Saturday, November 11, 2023.

The electoral body disclosed on Wednesday, prior to the Saturday elections, precise details showing 40 stations where voting won’t happen.

In a report from INEC National Commissioner, Sam Olumekun, who also chairs the Information and Voter Education Committee, unveiled that these stations had not secured any registered voters.

Olumekun added that for the approaching elections in Bayelsa State, 16 political parties are promoting their candidates, with similarly 18 parties doing the same across both Imo and Kogi states. He said there would be voting in a total of 10,470 locations, excluding the 40 stations with no registered voters.

The commissioner elaborated that each political party is supposed to appoint polling agents for all voting stations and also for 649 Ward, 56 LGA and three state collection centres.

See the full rundown of the stations below:

“As we continue making preparations for the imminent off-cycle gubernatorial elections in Bayelsa, Imo, and Kogi States, two publications on the upcoming elections are available,” says Olumekun.

“This document includes an infographic summary of registered voters and dispensed Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) in relation to Local Government Areas (LGAs), inclusive of a demographic distribution of voters by gender, age group, occupation and disability.”

“The documentation also has the list of candidates plus specified details about the two stations in Bayelsa and 38 in Imo State with no registered voters.”

“The Commission often emphasizes that these locations won’t have any election. No supplies have been issued for these spots and there are no officials assigned to them.”

Subsequent to the deadline for political parties to submit the enumeration of their operational team to the dedicated INEC website, Olumekun underlined that Bayelsa State had reported a total of 34,704 operatives, Imo State confirmed 65,274, and Kogi State declared 37,995, which altogether resulted in 137,973 polling and collating agents in the three states.

According to the detailed evaluation, it was discovered that some parties had failed to nominate officials for voting stations in the states.

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The National Commissioner also pointed out that select political parties in specific states didn’t have polling stations or collating agents though they had candidates participating in the fray.

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