Nigerians Emotionally Respond to the One Month Anniversary of Mohbad’s Death: “Keep Haunting your Killers”

It’s been a full month since Nigerian musician Mohbad’s unexpected departure, and his dynamic absence continues to gloomily overshadow his followers and enthusiasts.

The entertainer, born as OlaDimeji, sadly left us on September 12, 2023, creating a void not just in Nigeria’s music scene but in the hearts of those who loved and respected his talents and charm.

In observing this month-long poignant commemoration, digital platforms have served as meeting points for online users to express their grief, share their heartfelt tributes, and ponder on the unforgettable influence Mohbad’s music and persona had on their lives. His memory still lingers, and his impact continues through the enduring legacy he left behind.


theladytoyah remarked: “We’re well aware that you were taken from us at the scene, the evidence is undeniable. But if God hadn’t wanted you by His side, it wouldn’t have happened, or perhaps He prevented you from attending the show. God clearly wanted you to leave this harsh world because your heart was too pure for it. Continue to bless the angels with your amazing singing, Oba Imole. Sleep peacefully, Omo Toluwa.”

Gettingjust47 added: “We hope those responsible for your demise never evade their punishment.”

Qui_est_giwa extended his genuine wishes, saying, “Also remembering Liam on his 6-month mark. Rest in Imole. Keep shining, Liam.”

Hef_hem4 vocalized: “Justice has not been served for this man in Nigeria. To 999 Imole, we are sorry for not lending our ears when you needed us.”

Richie.wellz voiced: “Rest easy, Moh. Be sure to haunt those who killed you. They’ve been holding back the autopsy results ever since you departed.”

Superstar_rozay001 shared: “Cruel world, wicked people, evil souls. Rest, Camp. Leave an emoji for Mohbad.”

Ewatomi.xx poured out her emotions: “Dear OlaDimeji, existence is significantly difficult without you. Can we find you back somehow? Please don’t let that be the end of your tale. Please return. I want to narrate how your death stunned the entire globe. I wish to tell you how your departure illuminated several unknown facts about these supposed celebrities. Just make a comeback initially. If you don’t, I implore you: Lord, show kindness. Please take action. Proceeding without him is incredibly tough.”

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