‘Untoward Actions’ – Ezekwesili Criticizes Senate for Defending N57.6B Luxury SUVs Purchase

Former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, expressed her disapproval on Sunday against Karimi, the Senate Services Committee Chair, for his justification of the senators’ intention to purchase luxury vehicles, despite opposition from the public.

Karimi explained that the decision to buy high-end cars was taken by the National Assembly’s leadership, who justified the purchase because the vehicles last four years without needing maintenance. This account was brought back into the spotlight by Naija News.

Karimi further commented that Nigerians criticize politicians, yet turn a blind eye to the excesses of Ministers.

He alleged that some Ministers own and drive more than three high-end Landcruisers, Prados, and others, without anyone questioning them.

Ezekwesili rebuked Karimi’s argument as “shameful and repugnant.”

She argued that for a real democracy in Nigeria to be established, people like Karimi – who regard public position mainly as an opportunity to live in opulence and engage in bribery – should never be voted into power.

Her statement read: “@SundayKarimi of the @NGRSenate, whose sole defense for squandering public funds on luxury SUVs for @nassnigeria members during our country’s financial crisis is that it’s not only lawmakers who are reckless. Ministers and local government chairmen all have four to six Land Cruisers, so you citizens should stop bothering us.”

“This is an utterly shameful and repugnant act of ignorance being demonstrated. I respectfully request that you and your colleagues revisit the following passages, as it appears you’ve lost sight of the very issue that is incensing your citizens:

Luke 17:27, Matthew 24:38-39. Proceed if it seems profitable to you, but don’t claim that citizens didn’t guide you wisely.”

I took it upon myself to research more about Senator Sunday Karimi @SundayKarimi using the internet.

“I couldn’t find any trace of him, except for his numerous abhorrent statements justifying his and his colleagues’ thoughtless squandering of scarce public resources on buying luxury SUVs for all @nassnigeria @NGRSenate and @HouseNGR during a period of national financial crisis when citizens are distraught.”

“Our democracy will thrive when individuals like him, who view public office as a platform to ‘live large and indulge in excess’, are prevented from getting elected or appointed. This is a task that must be fulfilled by informed, empowered, and dedicated citizens who vote.”

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One thought on “‘Untoward Actions’ – Ezekwesili Criticizes Senate for Defending N57.6B Luxury SUVs Purchase

  1. I believe she’s very right for criticising them of their actions and the suv demand is not what Nigerians needs now.

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