Are you under the impression I fear you? We share no friendship – Samklef hits back at Davido following twins video controversy

Samuel Oguachuba, who is famously known in the music scene as Samklef, responded to the criticisms from DMW chief, David Adeleke (Davido), concerning a video involving Davido, his wife and their newborn twins, which found its way onto the internet.

Samklef addressed the issue on his Instagram profile, clarifying his action in sharing the video and emphasizing that he did not leak the footage but rather discovered it on the internet like anyone else could have.

In a follow-up video, Samklef expressed his lack of fear towards Davido and described the singer’s behavior as “infantile and pitiful.”

He reminded the performer that the two are not friends and highlighted that their relationship has been limited to professional industry interactions.

“To begin with, Davido, I’ve never posted anything detrimental about you. But today, you let your emotions run wild and disrespected me on my own timeline.”

“Primarily, we don’t share a friendship. Our paths crossed in the music industry. We are not buddies. If you are who you are only to yourself, we applaud your accomplishments. Are you trying to intimidate me?”

“You take to my timeline to label me as villainous, a power seeker. But aren’t you a power seeker yourself? What have you been doing your entire life? Do you think I am intimidated by you? I am working on keeping things respectful here, but you don’t seem to extend the same courtesy.”

“First things first: who was behind the camera? Secondly, the one who filmed and leaked the video is one of your own. Why aren’t you pointing fingers at them? Why are you targeting me?” Samklef put forth in his recent video.

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