“Does this one have a parent?” —Video of high school students 'partying hard' after hours draws mixed reactions(View)

In the video, the girls were seen dancing with their male classmates to the tune of Kizz Daniel's hit song 'Lie'. The students seemed to be having a great time, and they even had packs of drinks to add to their fun.

The video provoked mixed reactions on social media. Some people criticized the behavior, while others claimed that many adults today engaged in similar activities when they were younger.

official_mmesoma12 wrote: “Most of us did worse back then, but the difference was that social media didn't exist.”

prima_cute wrote: “My parents used to not let me come home late after school. Fear and discipline kept me from doing this kind of nonsense.”

iwuanyanwu_fredrick wrote: “There is hardly anyone who hasn't done this kind of thing. It's bad, but we've all done it. No one is a saint.”

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oma_peall wrote: “What strikes me is their courage. Then I couldn't get home even 10 minutes late.”

currentgist7 wrote: “Many of you have done it; only there were no cameras back then.”

obembe_omopasto wrote: “Does this mean these girls are no longer virgins? Why does everyone say we did all this? If you did it, speak for yourself, please. Not all of us lost focus in high school. These are teenagers who are irresponsible.”

pr3ttythang5 wrote: “This world has really deteriorated. At that time, my parents wouldn't allow me to come home ten minutes late after school.”

watch the video below.

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