Former Gubernatorial Candidate and Others Depart PDP to Join APC in Edo Poll

Gideon Ikhine, previous gubernatorial candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party who switched to the PDP from the APC in 2020 and stepped down for Governor Godwin Obaseki, alongside Archbishop Mike Onolememen, ex-Minister of Public Works during President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, have both been received into the APC as of Monday.

APC regional leader, General Cecil Esekhaigbe (Retired), greeted the influential pair and their supporters at Uromi, the administrative center of Esan North East Local Government Area. He asserted their addition to the party indicated a possible APC victory in the upcoming 2024 governorship elections, suggesting that the following governor could hail from their senatorial district.

At the welcoming event in Uromi, the retired General greeted the influential pair and their supporters, expressing that their involvement could signify a win for the APC in the 2024 gubernatorial elections. He stated that it could also result in their senatorial district producing the following governor.

He declared: “Both individuals are notable figures in the Nigerian political arena. Their commitment to the APC reveals our party as the best choice to join. Their support is key to our 2024 campaign plans as there is high possibility that Esan will present the next governor. With their caliber of individuals joining us, it puts positive pressure on our journey towards achievement,” he reassures.

Ikhine, sharing his aspirations, voiced out that his switch was done in the hopes of securing the APC’s ascension to power.

He expressed: “The aim is to make it clear to the public that the APC will relocate to the Government House on Osadebe Avenue come 2024. The APC holds an atmosphere of peace and is free of conflicts. During my time in the PDP, it was a great party, but that is currently not the case.”

On his part, Onolememen pointed out during his speech that the APC currently holds the reins of power and it’s imperative to adjust to the nation’s unfolding political stage.

He emphasized the need to support fellow party members such as Senator Adams Oshiomhole and Senate President Godwill Akpabio, both from the South, who have made strides in Edo State by transforming state legislations into national ones.

“We find ourselves in a unique time, thus we began to discuss the changing political landscape. This implies that it’s time to seek a more favorable environment for our people,” he shares

“The course of national politics has taken a new turn whether we acknowledge it or not. It’s clear that a new era is unfolding and we must realign with the ruling party, the APC. If progress is our goal for this senatorial district, we must adjust our strategy. That’s why I brought this matter to my people’s attention on numerous occasions. It is time we collectively shift alliances to the APC,” he established.

However, the PDP in Edo State seems to be experiencing factionalism as the division within the party between Legacy Group and New PDP heightens.

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One thought on “Former Gubernatorial Candidate and Others Depart PDP to Join APC in Edo Poll

  1. This is the season for decamping of this so called politicians, everyone one wants to be relevant in this new administration. Bunch of shameful and useless politicians.

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