“Eniola is not a fraud, he really needs help” – more shocking details finally emerged (watch)

Instagram blogger Mr. Lilgaga reveals surprising details about Eniola.

In a video interview, the blogger reveals information about the original individuals who helped Eniola, leading to the events that unfolded.

The persons who assisted him earlier are responsible for the circulating scam issues on social media.

Watch the video below to understand why she isn't really guilty:

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Witness the frustration of netizens in the comments section below the video:

Jumaatson: After watching 40% of the interview, it seems like an attempt to improve Sultan's image and reward a fraudulent individual. Sultan should stop referring to Eniola and stop supporting a fraudulent person. Exponentgram: Is it a she or he? The confusion is clear. This is the same person who scammed people in Osogbo and moved to Lagos. Please, enough of this. Dmpromakeover: Regardless of the situation, what he did was not right. Let him live as God created him. We should not support his actions out of pity. Encourage him to embrace who he is. Estoy_deymo: Remove this or we will report your account. Sultan's actions are questionable. What happened to the first donated money? Why didn't his mother contribute? Remove this immediately. 🗑️Read more: (Link)

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