“Even Cults Don't Work This Way” – Medical Student Shows Pledge He Had to Sign

Some medical students at a Nigerian school are expressing anger and frustration over a recently introduced corporate policy.

According to the medical student, identified as @Poeticmedic1, who raised it on Twitter, the policy, which was imposed on students on the day of their exams, required them to sign an agreement stating that there was no space available on the 400 -level.

As a result, students are forced to transfer to another department, complete their studies there and then hope for an opportunity to return to the desired field. This uncertainty about their future prospects leaves students feeling betrayed and discouraged.

Angry students have compared the company's policies to cult-like practices, expressing disbelief that their own institution would subject them to such treatment.

The medical student wrote on Twitter;

“It is madness to have students sign such a commitment on the day of their exam. A venture that means, 'There is no space at level 400, so you have to go to another department, graduate from that department, before you can come back and even if you do that, there may not be a space available, so you have to wait any number of years'. Even cults don't work this way.

“You're asking people who have already been in school for five years to sign off on their future, and any chance of justice? These are children with dreams. How can a school be so shameless? They paid their tuition, paid all the money you asked for, the government paid your salaries, and this is how you are going to treat your own students????

“Is it because your children are not here???? Last year the same people collected 50,000 euros from each student to 'build a hostel' for accreditation. They doubled the school fees. Just to feed them this nonsense. Quick update…people in my class signed and nothing happened. Not a word from anyone, just a few angry people in my class.

“Anyway, my class issues are very different from theirs. My colleagues ask me to remain anonymous for my own safety. I will delete my profile picture, but I won't fold because we all want to be mad at this school. Many people ask what our unions and associations do and I want to say: a truckload of nothing. These students signed the commitment and nothing happened.

“Whatever happens in Nigerian politics, you will find the same in AAUCOM politics. It could be worse. The message that has now reached me is that there will be no repetition or resit for this exam. Anyone who fails a hearing will be withdrawn.

“This happened to the same class two years ago during pre mb ago and over 300 students were withdrawn. Last year the same as last year's pre mb. About half of the 019 set was withdrawn. The school simply fails and withdraws students at will, but nothing happens.”

@timothy_ehigie commented: “Make una nor gree…. We are even going to join una for this.”

@DebbieTiyan said: “This is the same madness going on in FUNAI.”

@vaahlll said: “Lol they won't try this with engineering students…I trust my people lol @NuesaAAU.”

@AAUEhub responded: “Who ever comes up with these ideas must be really evil.”

@faeridah said: “This is so bad, this country is in ruins.”

@dosunmumubarak said:N“Sign it. The company is worth less than the paper it is written on. It is a clear case of coercion.”

@TheChiefCoach1 responded: “The agreement is illegal. You are forced to sign under duress.”

See tweet below:

It is madness to make students sign such a pledge on the day of their exam. Even cults don't work this way. You're asking people who have already been in school for five years to sign off on their future, and any chance of justice? pic.twitter.com/84zlYmeGa5

— Naz🍀🍀 (@Poeticmedic1) December 6, 2023

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