Father makes daughter sign a contract while he buys her a new torch lamp

a Nigerian father takes a unique approach to extracting value from his daughter, who has a record of breaking things by getting her to sign a contract while handing her a new torch lamp.

A Facebook user identified as Auwal Mustapha Imam has implemented a contract that requires his daughter Nana to responsibly maintain the new torch lamp he bought for her.

The contract states that Nana must ensure the proper functioning of the torch lamp for at least a year, otherwise he will not give her a new one.

The father explained that he bought a new flashlight about every two weeks because Nana was constantly mishandling and damaging them.

He emphasized the importance of the torchlight, especially at night electricity was not available and Nana needed it for trips to the toilet.

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To instill responsibility, the father has set clear expectations through this unique contract agreement, signed by both.

He shared the post and wrote;

“I just signed a bond/agreement with my daughter Nana and presented her with a new torch lamp. The agreement means that the torch lamp must be maintained for more than a year, and if it spoils in her hand within a year, I will not buy a new one.
Before then, I bought flashlights almost every two weeks, but she mishandled them and ruined them. She had to beg for permission before I agreed to buy a new one. She uses the flashlight at night when the lights are off and she wants to go to the toilet.
My wife and other witnesses were present at the signing ceremony. It's about responsibility. She must take responsibility!”

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