Ex-Vice Chairperson of Ebonyi Amongst Those Abandoning PDP

Former Deputy Speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Odefa Obasi Odefa, has left the opposition group, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

According to reports, Odefa tendered his resignation from the party in a letter addressed to the chairperson of Ogudu Okwor ward, located in the Oshiri community in Onicha Local Government Area.

Odefa stated that all party officers from the PDP in Onicha Local Government Area and Onicha East Constituency have exited the party.

In the resignation letter, he said, “After comprehensive discussions with my family and close colleagues, I have chosen to leave the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

“The consequence is that there are currently no functional or executive PDP members in Onicha East, encompassing Oshiri, Ukawu, Abaomege and the Ishinkwo communities.”

“While reflecting on my decision, I am convinced that I have offered my best to the party and I appreciate the chance to serve while I was a member. I wish you the best and thank you,” Odefa wrote.

When asked where they are intending to go next, Odefa and his fellow defectors kept quiet, but speculation suggests their inclination towards the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in the near future.

Odefa Announces Departure

In conversation with press reporters in Abakaliki, the state’s capital, on Wednesday, Odefa confirmed his defection. He was accompanied by other prominent members of the PDP and the Labor Party (LP) from the local government, all announcing their respective resignations.

Odefa stated that his younger brother, who serves as the National Vice Chairman of PDP (South East), is free to stay with the PDP.

“Indeed, my younger brother plays a crucial role, in fact, he is the National Vice Chairman of the entire South-East PDP. But we respect diversity of opinion in our family, with each person’s sentiments being valued,” said Odefa.

“Even siblings from the same parents can belong to different political parties. Politics is a separate matter from family. In politics, we follow our political inclinations, and when it comes to family, we prioritize family ties,” he said.

“We are all adults, none of us are under the age of 50, we are married and have children. So whatever political affiliations we choose should not cause any disputes among us,” Odefa concluded.

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