“From Rejection to Forever” – Man Celebrates 6th Wedding Anniversary with Woman Who Rejected Him for 8 Years

Nigerian man, Nnamdi Azodo took to social media to celebrate his sixth wedding anniversary with his wife and narrated how he pursued her for eight years before she agreed to be in a relationship with him.

Nnamdi shared the joyful occasion on Twitter, posting photos of the happy couple along with a caption that told the incredible story of how he initially faced rejection when he first expressed his romantic interest.

He revealed that his wife, whose Twitter handle is @ajebojesus_, rejected his advances for eight years before she finally agreed to date him.

“According to Twitter standards, you shouldn't ask a lady out for more than a month. Well, I asked @ajebojesus_ out for eight years before she said yes. When she did, I said, let's go to the altar. Today is our sixth wedding anniversary,” Nnamdi Azodo shared in his tweet.

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The post, accompanied by photos of the couple, has since gone viral and resonated with many on social media who were touched by the couple's ongoing love story.

“Moral of the story: happiness has no template. We don't have '6 Advice for 6 Years' to share. Just pray for us. Thank you!”, Nnamdi Azodo added.

Comments from Internet users…

@asemota said; “Congratulations brother!!! I proposed and it took a year to get a yes. Don't mind the people here.”

@SimplyAzodo said; “Thanks boss! I stopped caring about the opinions of random strangers a long time ago.”

@MuyoSan said; “Congratulations guy. I asked my wife out for 18 months before she said yes. Then it took me 3 months to propose. I knew her for almost a decade before that.”

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@NkyEzenwa said; “Congratulations on your love for each other…. Your marriage will be filled, blessed and protected under the wings of God”…

@official_rukaya said; “Happy anniversary to you and yours boss. Forever to go in happiness, love, peace and wealth.”

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