“Future husband sorry o” – pleads Lady as she reveals her body number

a Lady has caused quite a stir on the internet when she pre-pleased her future husband due to her sheer number of people.

She shared it anonymously, where it was posted on microblogging platform X by user @Onlyfadek_.

The young lady, just 22, revealed how she had slept with 128 people since losing her virginity in 2015.

Although, that number is insecure because those are all the people she can actually remember.

She said;

“I'm 22. Earlier today I was bored, so I decided to count how many men I've slept with since I lost my virginity in 2015, and there were a total of 128 men (the ones I could remember).
Future husband sorry o! 🥴”

See message here

Some reactions to the message

@FabregasMoore said: “This one is still Dey in life, she doesn't even feel sorry for herself. She's just getting started 😂 E is going to reach 400 before she reaches 30″

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@habsalone asked: “This has to be a joke, right?”

@vickie_coco exclaimed: “Needs to be said! Jesus”

@StarBede explained: “That's about 17 people per year from 2015 to 2023. You tried, but a lot of people can beat this record.”

@_ebelechukwu opined: “I think something in you needs to be adjusted to be able to sleep with so many people.”

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