Gov. Adeleke Responds to APC’s Claim of N400 Million Monthly Spending

Governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke, refutes claims that he expends N400 million monthly for household operations.

Basiru accused Adeleke of being swayed by his family, particularly his older sister, Dupe Adeleke-Sanni, while conveying apprehensions about heightened state allotments without corresponding augmentation in government administration.

In response, Governor Adeleke, relayed by his representative, Olawale Rasheed, labelled the accusations as outright deceit, slanderous and devoid of a shred of verity.

Adeleke refutes claims that he has been siphoning N400 million monthly for household operations from public funds, asserting that it is a humiliating fabrication by Basiru who remains resentful over his electoral defeat.

The governour emphasizes that as a proponent of due measures, he operates within the stipulations of public finance rules, stressing that he forfeited the conventional security vote to symbolize his dedication to altruistic service to Osun’s citizens.

He stated: “We feel compelled to unequivocally refute the groundless claim from the thwarted Osun Central Senator, Mr. Ajibola Bashiru, that Governor Ademola Adeleke has been expending N400 million monthly on household operations. If the erstwhile senator indeed spouted such a blatant falsehood, it is “libellous and repugnant”.

“This careless and ill-considered claim is devoid of any verity as the Governor is not siphoning any household operational expenditures from the public fund. It’s an embarrassing fabrication from a disturbed mind still embittered over his electoral defeat.

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“Being a proponent of due regulations, the governor adheres strictly to public financial management rules. He relinquished the typical security vote as a conscious exhibition of his readiness to serve the Osun populace selflessly. We find it highly objectionable to deliberately create falsehoods against a governor whose popularity and performance ratings exceed 85 percent.”

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