Anglican SHS NSMQ star, Graselda Boateng, obtains $40,000 scholarship triggering national reactions in Ghana

Graselda Boateng, a representative from Anglican SHS in Kumasi in the recently concluded National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), was bestowed a scholarship from Academic City University College.

The announcement was made on the NSMQ Facebook page, confirming that the scholarship is valued at $40,000, equivalent to GH¢470,000 cedis.

Graselda Boateng is recipient of a $40,000 scholarship. Photo credit: Academic City University College/Facebook
Source: Facebook

The scholarship includes tuition, housing, food, monthly stipend, laptop, and textbooks.

Graselda Boateng played a crucial role in helping Anglican SHS get to the quarter-finals of the NSMQ.

As of the time this report was written, the Facebook post had received over 1,000 likes and 100 comments.

NSMQ criticized for being too theoretical

Education expert, Daniel Fenyi, has advocated for a reform of the NSMQ, arguing that the competition is overly theoretical.

“The examination is primarily based on students’ capacity to memorize and recall. The introduction of practical elements are highly needed, where students can carry out experiments in the science lab, make discoveries and create products.

Graselda receives national congratulations

The scholarship news was met with widespread excitement, particularly given Graselda’s exceptional performance in the competition.

A statement from Nana Dwomo Odianwoma reads:

While her male teammate, the Muslim, was highly active, Primetime will always be Primetime. Congratulations, Graselda. This is still a significant victory for Super KASS. Best of luck.

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Comment from Kingsley Akwasi Ampong:

Everyone was encouraged to apply. Following the interview process, she stood out as the best applicant and clinching the scholarship. What should Primetime do if your favored candidate did not even apply?

Angel Kissinger remarked:

Naysayers will allege it’s a situation of cram and pour. If it was that simple, why hasn’t your school excelled too? Congratulations sweetheart, soar higher.

Rich Khid questioned:

Incredible. They didn’t even get past the quarter-finals. How about the girls from St. Louis?

Nana Kwe Ku Paul wrote:

Can you provide the reasoning? Didn’t see any exceptional performance from her.

Stephen Apemah-Baah has Harvard aspirations

In a recent interview, the 16-year-old shared his aspiration to study at Harvard University in the United States.

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