“Haa who Love Love Be This” – Lady is arrested in the hospital for faking a pregnancy for nine months, and collects millions from her boyfriend under the guise of medical bills

An elaborate plan by a young African woman to deceive her boyfriend by faking a pregnancy for nine months has been exposed. The woman's carefully laid plan began to unravel when she visited a hospital and feigned labor, but medical professionals discovered her deception: she had used clothing to simulate a pregnant belly.

Her boyfriend, completely unaware of the deception, accompanied her to the hospital, expecting to witness the birth of their child. During this hospital visit, the truth came to light, revealing a complex web of lies that had persisted for almost a year.

According to reports, the woman had successfully obtained a significant amount of money from her boyfriend, running into millions, by claiming that it was needed for medical expenses and other pregnancy-related essentials.

Nevertheless, her daring plan collapsed when the medical staff became suspicious during the hospital visit. A viral video of the incident vividly depicts the dramatic confrontation between the woman and the midwives, who had exposed her elaborate deception.

The video captures the woman on her hands and knees, with her makeshift baby bump, made from rags and clothes, laid out on the hospital bed. You can clearly hear the midwives interrogating her and unraveling the elaborate deception she had orchestrated.

At the same time, the unsuspecting boyfriend remained outside, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their so-called newborn baby. Little did he know that he had fallen victim to a carefully calculated trick by his girlfriend.

Comments from Netizens:

@slypromax commented: “This looks like a Zimbabwean woman. I've dated girls this way, with different tricks every day.”@Talkati33677603 wondered: “Didn't the boyfriend notice that she wasn't changing or bathing while they weren't living together?”@subysugy shared a personal experience and said , “I had a niece in the US who claimed to be pregnant, and the man sent her money. She said she had given birth, sent pictures and then posted baby pictures online. You have to be careful with some women.”@AdeyeyFrancis7 expressed his skepticism, saying, “No one is smart here, but if they lived together or if he saw her during those nine months, how did she do this? The story is unclear.”@OnanugaOlamile5 doubted the story and said: “I don't believe it. She didn't sleep with her husband.”@IgbinsPapi questioned the woman's actions and wondered if she had gone too far: “Is this a skit? Has she forgotten when to stop, or is there something wrong with her? This generation, I tell you.”

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