Uche Ogbodo Reveals How her partner, Bobby Marris, Provided Comfort During Childbirth

Uche Ogbodo, an acclaimed Nollywood actress and mother of three, has offered her fans and followers a look into her childbirth experience.

News regarding the birth of Ogbodo’s third child, a son with her younger spouse, Bobby Marris, is now common knowledge.

Ogbodo had previously uploaded a video showcasing her husband whispering prayers for her while they anxiously anticipated her C-section.

She confessed that both she and her husband were petrified, but found strength in their faith and the comforting presence of her husband.

Ogbodo expressed gratitude towards her husband for his unwavering support during the operation, referring to him as her guardian angel.

She affirmed that his love has been such a significant blessing she would count it twice, wondering aloud about the stark contrast of her life without his love.

“We were both terrified, I can’t deny it. I felt the fear even more intensely, but we turned to God and my husband, my guardian angel, offered his comforting presence throughout the entire ordeal. You are an irreplaceable blessing in my life, and it’s beyond my comprehension to envision where I would be without your love. I appreciate everything you’ve done for us, Bobby, you truly are one in a million.”

The video sparked an outpouring of admiration and blessings, with many yearning for a man with the qualities exhibited by Bobby Marris.

Seraphina Amaechi responded with, “Oh, the depth of this love is enchanting.”

Igwd Somadina expressed appreciation for Ogbodo’s husband stating: “We appreciate your unconditional love, support, and sacrifices sir. May divine blessings be upon you and all your generations.”

Paschaline Umeh beamed, ‘To God be the glory. Gratitude for a husband as supportive as Bobby.’

Jem Appelle Chandon chimed in with, “May everyone find their best friend to spend this life with”.

Lastly, Zoe Nathanial noted, “A divine match indeed, my royal goddess. Thank God for your life, and may his protection always cover your children.”

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