“He won’t find eternal tranquility” – Public anger in Nigeria as a young girl shares about her deceased dad, a former law enforcement officer

An influx of Nigerians are expressing their thoughts in the comment section for the deceased dad of a young girl, who was a policeman.

The girl uploaded the video on her social media platform, Tiktok, under the user name @dewhuncho, sending hopes for her father to find peace, as life has been challenging without him.

However, a significant amount of online users didn’t agree with her sentiment as law enforcement agents in Nigeria have a reputation for their harsh approaches.

The online users flocked to the comment section to express their views about the deceased law enforcement officer.

Displayed below are some of these messages:

See the following comments below…

@Adyem Art bad: He will not rest peacefully InshaAllah 🙏✅✅

@Soft ❤️❤️‍🩹 inquired: No, this person is handling me like this in the street

@Oreoluwa🌼🌹 stated: Yes, law enforcement officers will find no peace, they are the cause of my brother’s imprisonment over something that could have been resolved peacefully but weren’t because of their greed for money

@Mustapha 😕🖤🇳🇬 expressed: I intended to act harshly but seeing these comments pains me 💔😔, he was a person and a father, he doesn’t warrant this hatred

@vadosh retaliated: if a person was wicked before, he won’t find peace, hence why one of my friends is in danger, someone states that he will never reach the age of 18, they claim that he isn’t a gang member

@V’s wig collection 💇‍♀️🎀💕🥰 suggested: Dude, you shouldn’t have uploaded him in this outfit 😩😩😭😭

@ODboi noted: It’s going to be tough for your dad to find peace

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