High school senior proposes to his girlfriend while writing 'marry me' on her sign-out shirt, causing a stir online

A final year student of a Nigerian university took a bold step by writing 'marry me' on his girlfriend's sign-out shirt as a proposal.

In a recently shared video, the young man was captured writing this heartfelt message on the blouse of a fellow student, believed to be his girlfriend.

After completing the inscription, the young woman lowered her head to read the message on her shirt. Her initial shock turned into pure delight when she understood his sincere proposal.

Overwhelmed with happiness, she jumped up and promptly knelt down to receive the ring he offered and slip it on her finger. This heartwarming video captivated countless viewers, who flocked to the comments section to express their heartfelt congratulations.

Here are some reactions from the audience:

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Zarah: “Not only were you asked to marry, but you also received a deregistration gift. I envy you. I pray that your joy will last forever. Congratulations.”

Estrella: “I can't stop smiling like a fool. Congratulations.”

Niratjackson: “I'm just sitting here laughing. I haven't even found anyone willing to sign my white shirt, let alone propose to me. Congratulations honey.”

beautyblink: “I hope to have such an experience too. Congratulations.”

Baybeeblaq: “When I graduate, I won't even have a husband, let alone an engagement. Congratulations.”

Loveth: “Congratulations, darling. I hope I experience such a double blessing during my own unsubscribe.”

great: “I can't stop grinning like a fool. Congratulations dearest. I am so happy for you.”

FGSExecustiveUnisexSaloon01: “Awww, such a beautiful display of love. I am speechless right now and I am very grateful for all the love and care. God bless you all, and may your own blessings come as well.”

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