While people starve, how is it possible for Atiku to tarnish Nigeria’s reputation? – Onitiri

Social-political advocate and critic, Chief Adesunbo Onitiri has guided former Vice President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to let President Bola Tinubu concentrate on governing, rather than creating a heated political environment.

Onitiri cautioned Atiku about creating unnecessary friction and diversion,

In a statement released in Lagos, Onitiri contended that amidst Atiku’s obsession with his result’s narrative, millions of Nigerians are battling with hunger and starvation.

He accentuated the arrogance of the PDP leader, given the current plight of Nigerians.

The advocate suggested Atiku await the Supreme Court’s verdict on his appeal rather than undermine the country’s reputation.

Part of the statement reads: “Atiku needs to understand concretely, his persistent provocation of the political atmosphere is an act of arrogance, inconsideration, and disservice to all Nigerians, given the current dismal economic state, prevailing hunger and insecurity, and other challenges the nation is grappling with, while the federal and state governments are earnestly seeking solutions.

“Atiku is not being opposed or entreated not to proceed with his presidential election petition against President Tinubu in the highest court. However, his method of publicising the case in newspapers, social media and TV programmes is not acceptable to Nigerians, particularly democrats.

“If Atiku is confident about his case, he should patiently await the Supreme Court’s decision on his appeal, rather than embarrassing all Nigerians on an international level and tarnishing the country’s image.”

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