Twitter’s Doctor Penking criticizes Wizkid’s apparent cheerfulness at his mother’s burial ceremony

The Afrobeat singer Wizkid comes under fire from Dr. Penking, a user on Twitter, for his perceived lighthearted conduct at his mom’s interment.

Despite having appeared mournful recently, at his mom’s final burial rites on Friday, pictures captured Wizkid smiling broadly.

A video in which Wizkid is seen having a laugh with Oba Elegushi has drawn widespread attention.

Dr. Penking, distinctly unpleased by his jovial behaviour, questioned how someone who just experienced the demise of his mom could seem so upbeat during her funeral service.

He posited if there could be undisclosed information regarding her passing.

“How comes someone who just experienced his mom’s passing appears so upbeat. Could there be details about this we are oblivious to?” he queried.

How can someone who just lost his mother be so happy. Is there something we don’t know? pic.twitter.com/n2KOZy4yEc

—Dr. Penking™🇳🇬🇦🇺 (@drpenking) October 14, 2023

The tweet prompted backlash from many who accused him of insensitivity.

A user named Darn Milly responded, ‘You claim he’s constantly crying. Oponu.

Im Rachy contributed: ‘This doctor is foolish for making this comment, should he rather cry? Family and friends are there to lighten his mood. Just ensure he doesn’t chuckle in the process.

A user, I Am Deja Voo referred to him as a disappointment for his insensitivity.

T Gold Barbie commented: “Doctor, how is it possible for a doctor to be so clueless?. Is there something unknown to us?

Sleeky Nance defended Wizkid: ‘He wept throughout the burial ceremony. Now at the reception, he’s elated to see people show up to support him. Must he remain sorrowful, Abi, what a mindset’

The Pen Warrior chimed in: “Did he fail to see other clips of this guy being grief-stricken and crying his eyes out? Some folks surely misuse the internet.”

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