Kanayo O. Kanayo Denies Using Rituals to Create Wealth

Kanayo O. Kanayo, revered Nigerian actor often referred to as KOK, has counselled young Nigerians, stating there’s no correlation between ritualistic practices and attaining wealth.

Recognized for his notorious roles playing a ritualist in movies, Kanayo wants to clarify that films don’t always illustrate the truth.

This clarification was made during his guest appearance at an online Town Hall Meeting, a monthly virtual gathering sponsored by an online news outlet.

Discussing the theme ‘Rituals, Wealth and Reality: The Myths of Money Making and the Dignity of Labour’, the seasoned actor, fondly referred to as ‘Nnanyi Sacrifice’ due to his movie roles, made a call to young ones to aim for a better life through diligence.

He was stern in his advice to the younger generation that the pathway to wealth is through hard work, not participation in rituals.

In his words, ““These young minds are dedicated, and it should not be about what they view in movies. There’s no truth to the claim where a poor man requests you to kill your girlfriend and sleep with her to make a fortune.

“The internet fraud (scam) we were familiar with years back required drafting letters and proposing unrealistic deals. We know a lot of individuals that partook and presently hold public office. I prefer not to put a name to these faces.

“In this age, however, it’s considered the norm. This new scam format, known as Yahoo Promax, demands killing another human, consuming their heart, and drinking Hennessy, all in the belief of obtaining wealth. I fail to see how this correlates with generating income. Instead, money comes from exerting effort and working hard.”

Addressing how he unexpectedly amassed the money to erect a mansion in his hometown, which shook many, KOK affirmed that no sacrifice was made.

“Globacom, a telecom company owned by Mike Adenuga, endorsed me in 2016, a year after I had laid my house’s foundation in 2015, for a countrywide campaign they organized.

“The campaign paid a considerable sum. It included shows in various cities, and sometimes they’d pay for 10 cities upfront, even before setting foot there.”

“As a result, I accumulated a large sum, allowing me to build my house. In some sense, I did make a sacrifice to construct the house – I chose not to purchase a brand-new 2015 Range Rover. If the car were mine today, I’d be considered as someone driving an outdated Range Rover.

The narrative continues after the ad

“Therefore, the sacrifice I made was foregoing the Range Rover to complete my house project,” added KOK.

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