“I Fasted 40 Days and 40 Nights at the Age of 80” – Pastor Adebayo Says Revealing Everything He Saw

In a recent service, Pastor Adeboye, the esteemed leader of the Redeemed Christian Church, shared a surprising revelation about his extraordinary feat of fasting for over 40 days and nights at the age of 80, into his 81st year.

Despite the discouragement of many who expressed concerns about his age and possible health issues, Pastor Adeboye remained steadfast in his decision to embark on this extended fast.

Addressing his congregation, he acknowledged the advice he received, with some suggesting that God would understand if he chose not to fast.

Contrary to the expectations and concerns of others, Pastor Adeboye, who had originally planned a ten-day Lent, exceeded his original target. He revealed that he had dealt with leg problems two years earlier, which led him to use an armchair to preach and teach.

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However, in his recent sermon, he stood proudly before the congregation and declared his restored health.

Pastor Adeboye emphasized the importance of understanding that fasting is driven by spiritual goals and not age.

Despite his old age, he urged people to embrace fasting if it suits spiritual needs, emphasizing belief in its spiritual significance.

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