I Got Tired and Wanted to Die – Jay Boogie Talks About Failed Cosmetic Surgery

Popular Nigerian transgender, Daniel Anthony Nsikan, also known as Jay Boogie, has said he wished he was dead after suffering complications from a botched cosmetic surgery.

He complained that his condition was so terrible that he had to undergo dialysis every day just to urinate.

Jay Boogie shared his trials and tribulations during a chat with media personality Chude Jideonwo.

According to him, he also received death threats on social media because some of his friends took pictures of him in his hospital bed and lied that he needed public help.

He explained that at one point he regretted his decision and wished he could die.

Jay Boogie said, “People I thought were my friends came into the hospital and took pictures of me and sent them to the bloggers. It became so annoying that the online bullying even became too much. I received death threats. People come to my DMs and say, 'Are you never going to die again?' That's why I decided to stay out of the media for a while.

“I wasn't the one sending my photos on social media. They were my friends. I am a discreet person. I don't like showing things off. I like to live a quiet life. Because no one cares about you. You have to care about yourself.

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“So I mean, now that the dramas are going online, people are bullying me and saying, 'How man, go, go do nyansh.' Can you even imagine the mentality? Do you even see me as a man? This is something I want for myself. And I'm sure that if I were one of their siblings, they won't tell me that they won't feel the pain I'm going through. I started dialysis every day so I could pass out. My legs were swollen. The urine was very high. At the time I was measuring my water intake. Before I go on dialysis they will check my weight and I weigh 100 and something like that. Every day I would go on dialysis, they will take my blood and everything. It hurt that I sat down and said, “God, I'm just tired. I just want to go (die). What am I actually doing? Who sent me to come and do this nyansh sef?

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