“I love my goat like my wife” – A Nigerian man who eats with his goat in the same plate says As a fan says Two goats eat.

In a surprising video circulating online, a Nigerian man is seen comfortably sharing a meal with his pet goat as they both eat from the same plate.

Just when we thought we had seen it all, with a man sharing a meal with a goat as if it were a human, this young man not only followed the same pattern but took it to another level.

The video showed him in what appeared to be a makeshift setting, possibly in a junkyard, with a small brown plate on his lap containing rice and beans.

He enjoyed the meal with his brown Fulani goat with visible delight, highlighting their unique bond.

Watch the video below:

Why now? pic.twitter.com/pB3cUVOG67

— Scamdamp🇳🇬 (@scamdamp) November 5, 2023

The video quickly went viral online with netizens expressing their disapproval over the unsanitary behavior of the man with his goat.

Read some comments below:

@official_adags said: “What’s this for now?”

@TashaRoyal9 said: “This is the height of bullshit 😩”.

@pacifik_cruise said: “People these days will literally do anything to follow the trend…🤷🏽‍♂️”.

@tundebakry said: “This is how diseases spread.”

@007_barnito said: “How do I undo this nonsense?”.

@bamzyrichee said: “Well my mouth was open from start to finish like 🤦🏾‍♂️”.

@Johnonabote said: “I thought I had seen it all in my life until I saw this😂😂😂”.

@oluwatonyLekwa said: “This is not part of what I subscribed to today.”

@AiG_OutFit said: “2 goats are eating… wow!”

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