Olori Ashley Professes Never-Ending Love for Ooni of Ife On Their First Marriage Anniversary, Proclaiming “My Love For You Grows”

Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, and his wife – Olori Ashley, are marking the first anniversary of their marriage.

Olori Ashley shared an impressive array of photos of her and her spouse along with a heartwarming message to celebrate their special occasion.

She disclosed that her love for the Ooni has solidified over time, expressing elation to have him as her husband.

Her yearning for him to realize his significant impact on her heart was voiced as they rejoiced in their year of togetherness. According to her own words, the monarch’s affection for her and his people has imbued her existence with delight, comfort, and purposefulness that she had not experienced before.

Olori Ashley stated that the Ooni is more than a spouse to her, he’s her earthbound deity, patriarch, and paramount supply of motivation. She indicated that even commonplace occurrences hold great significance for her.

“To my Oonirisa, Adigimalaja Awo Funfun, Erujeje Adimula, Ajiki Ede, Omo Arogunmasa, Omo Erin Meje Meje, Omo Ajinaja Ogun. Dagunduro Oko AFolasade.

As we embark on a new chapter in our life together, I want you to be cognizant of the profound influence you have on my heart. Your compassionate endeavor towards me and all of humanity has filled my existence with joy, warmth, and a newfound purpose.

You are more than simply my husband; you are my terrestrial divinity, my soulmate, my confidant, my sanctuary, my patriarch, and my wellspring of fortitude. Your relentless support and ability to add an extraordinary touch to ordinary moments means everything to me.

Words fall short to express my love for you, and with each passing year, my love for you deepens. I am eternally thankful to have you by my side, today and always, as my partner. Today we commemorate our Akande Mii Ajiwe Fun’Osha and I hope that this time, next year, we find ourselves in the favourable position to celebrate more blessings from Olodumare ati gbogbo awon Onile.

@ooniadimulaife, to my beloved spouse, thank you for shaping me into a graceful woman and queen, thank you for the ceaseless cheerfulness, elation, and authentic peace I enjoy, all portraying your altruistic heart, thank you for crowning me with pride as your prized possession. Ade Ori Mi, Oko Mi, despite adversaries’ attempts to dismantle the bond we’ve forged, Olodumare has continuously defended us. May Olodumare forever illuminate our path to enlightenment and eternal joy. Ase wa 🤲🏽🤲🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Endlessly Yours
Omo Oba, Aya Oba, Aya Ekun, Aya Oosha, Aya Irumole, ODU Aya Orunmila, Aya Adimula, Aya Oonirisa Olori Alade Gbogbo.

HRH Queen Ashley AFolasade Adeyeye Ogunwusi
Ojaja II
Yeye Omi Oodua “.

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