“You show me disrespect, I vent my frustration”— Man exhibits ill temper towards betting operator following a N28K loss on a virtual gamble

A Nigerian man of middle age targets the operator at a virtual bet centre for a tirade, following a N28,300 loss on a single gamble.

An online video that has gained traction captures an emotionally charged show of annoyance from a gambler, clearly stung by his loss.

The man is seen venting his ire at the betting operator, criticizing the operator’s approach while he was attempting to place a new bet, subsequent to his prior N28,300 loss.

The man refused to acknowledge his loss and went ahead to issue a threatening message to the virtual gambling handler, in case he faced harassment over the unsettled loss.

“Do gamblers appear useless to you? Did I ever remain in arrears to you? It’s only N28,300; you can collect it at my residence. Spot me on the street and confront me; I’ll show you who I really am. I play my bet and you treat me with disrespect. Should I reveal my bank account status to you? Do you not think that I, who am ready to place a wager, am not sensible about my actions?” he spewed in anger.

However, the operator and other gamblers present maintained their composure amid the man’s prolonged outburst.

Find the video below…

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