I risked my life for Abuja for Osun, I don't need government money – Adeleke for traditional rulers

Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, has denied claims that he would cut the statutory monthly allocation of traditional rulers by 2.5 percent.

According to The Nation, the traditional rulers, during a closed-door meeting with Adeleke ahead of the open meeting, lamented that the state government was cutting from the five percent monthly meant for the traditional rulers, leaving only 2.5 percent for the kings.

The governor, however, denied the claims, adding that he risked his life for Osun State and does not need government money.

Adeleke said this yesterday during the monthly meeting at the Finance Building, Abere.

According to him, “I risked my life for Abuja for the sake of Osun State and I do not need government money but will rather add money to it.”

The governor explained that the monthly allocation varied and therefore affected the five percent deduction for traditional rulers.

Your associates will betray you – Osun traditionalists tell Adeleke

Meanwhile, traditionalists in Osun State have sent a message of caution to Adeleke, calling on him to be cautious in considering advice from his aides and associates.

According to the revelation of the Ifa oracle during the traditional prayer session held at the parking lot of the governor's office in 2024, the Vice President of Traditional Religion Worshipers Association (TRAWSO), Fagbenle Adedayo, advised the governor to be vigilant especially to individuals within his circle who may be jealous and working towards his failure.

He stressed that Ifa urged the governor to prioritize women in both political and socio-economic spheres to promote prosperity in the state.

“Ifa says some politicians or associates of Mr. Governor would be ashamed of his successes and see it as a path to a second term. They will not be comfortable with his steps and therefore give him bad advice.

“They will deliberately allow him to make decisions that will jeopardize the good work that has been done so far. He will now be left alone to face the wrath of the masses. The plan is to expose him as the miracle governor who failed. There is a lot of jealousy from within and not just from the opposition.

“This is the umpteenth time that Ifa advises everyone to respect women and to give women space and a say in everything we do. Osun State belongs to women, our prosperity, success and longevity depend on how well we care for the women in our lives, our institutions and our government.

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“Women should also not be intoxicated by this role that God has given them, as it is divine. Women who make good use of opportunities will reap accordingly, and their generations will benefit from such a legacy,” he said.

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