Coming to terms with the loss of his mother proves challenging for actor Akeem Adeyemi, who delivers a touching tribute as he prepares for her burial.

The Nollywood actor, Akeem Adeyemi struggles with the immense sadness that accompanies the loss of his beloved mother.

Recently, he took to Instagram to share a heartfelt tribute and a wake-keeping service video dedicated to the memory of his late mother.

Adeyemi posted a deeply moving message on social media, expressing his struggle to accept the painful reality that his mother is no longer with him.

He said: “The fact that you’re not here anymore, Mom, is a reality I haven’t completely processed 😭😭😭… You were there at the airport when I left, returning to find you gone is a pain too great to bear.

You are everything to me, the most treasured person in my life… Speaking at your memorial service brought waves of emotions and tears… Rest in peace, Mom…”

My deepest thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy day guys. You all have my gratitude 🙏🙏🙏.

Adeyemi’s tribute video received an outpouring of sympathetic messages and condolences from fans and Nollywood colleagues. Scores of people expressed their heartfelt condolences and extended comforting words, showing solidarity in his time of grieving.

In a separate post, he wrote: “The sorrow of waking up without you here, mother 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏… Hmmm! Rest in peace, mom.”

Check out the videos below:

View this post on Instagram

View this post on Instagram

View this post on Instagram

On June 26, Adeyemi made the heartbreaking announcement of his mother’s passing on social media, penning an emotional message:

“I never thought I’d craft a farewell message for you, my petite gem, my goddess… Iyami owon. Dead!!! You took the most precious spirit from my life… How am I to go on without your presence… Our unfilled promises… You didn’t get to see me marry, to meet my kids just as you always wished… The last time we saw each other, you were at the airport. You battled valiantly, my greatest cheerleader… Now all I feel is void… 💔💔💔😭😭😭. I was hoping you’d rise again… yet, I lost you to the unforgiving hands of death 😭😭😭.”

A month later, he once again commemorated his late mother on social media:

“Exactly a month ago, I awakened to your call, we engaged in prayers-filled chatter… 💔💔💔😭😭😭. The sorrow I feel, as raw and deep as anything I’ve ever experienced… I’ve lost individuals in my life, but never with such profound emptiness… Motherhood’s loss is a pain beyond the value of words. It’s nearly impossible to move on from the memory of the woman who birthed you. She who sacrificed her own joy so her children could thrive. My mother taught me all but how to exist without her…💔 The best friend one could ever have is a mother. In times of swift, crushing trials and adversities replace prosperity; friends desert together with an escalating number of concerns, she still clings on, and with her wise admonitions, attempts to clear the darkness’s clouds and ensure a return to tranquility. Today signifies a month since you stepped out of this sinful world 💔💔💔.”

The permanence and the depth of the pain in losing a mother cannot be fully expressed. It leaves a wound that forever stings. Sun re o, Iya mi owon, Iya t’eko, Iya teacher.

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