“I submit to him, ask permission before going out” – Lady shares things she does for her man that modern women no longer do

a beautiful woman has revealed a list of impressive things she does for her man that sets her apart from modern women.

The first thing she mentioned was the fact that she submitted to her husband as head of their family.

She admitted that it wasn't always easy, but it was worth it because her husband treated her like a queen and it became bearable to commit to his authority.

The lady also talked about asking her husband's permission before leaving the house for an outing as a sign of respect and if he is not okay with the outing, she stays at home.

Moreover, she praised herself for cooking for him, serving him his food, and retrieving his plate after he finished the meal.

The lady calls her husband a king and believes he should be treated as such, so she takes care of him.

The beautiful woman ended it by saying that she gives him the final say in the family because she trusts his judgment and even if things go wrong, she doesn't blame him for anything.


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