Popular artist Ruger recounts harrowing experience of sexual assault by fan during live performance

Famous musician Michael Adebayo Olayinka, also known as Ruger, recounts a disturbing incident of sexual assault by a fan during one of his stage performances, describing it as an extremely distressing experience.

Ruger shared that he didn’t perceive the encounter as pleasant due to the pain it inflicted upon him.

In his recent conversation with Naija FM in Lagos, Ruger recalled how the fan not only touched his private parts inappropriately but also exerted pressure on it.

He expressed remorse stating that the incident was an exceedingly painful experience for him.

Ruger mentioned that while he enjoys attention from female fans at his international concerts, he believed Nigerian fans to be overly aggressive.

He revealed that when the fan manhandled his privates, the pain was so overwhelming that it almost brought him to tears.

“This fan didn’t just make inappropriate contact with me; she squeezed. The pain was unbearable,” he shared.

In his own words, “The whole ordeal wasn’t sexually appealing due to the aggressive approach of this Nigerian fan. During my concerts abroad, I appreciate when female fans show affection, but this encounter with the Nigerian fan who roughly handled my privates was unpleasant. Her grip on me was so tight that it felt like my stomach was in knots. I nearly broke down in tears.”

He further revealed that the fan in question has yet to issue an apology.

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