“I went to get water and ended up marrying a doctor who cries before taking his medicine” – says Lady

A woman told how she went to fetch water late at night and ended up marrying a doctor who cried before taking his medicine.

She revealed this on her Tiktok account, @chinnyfrances, where she also revealed the doctor's unpleasant secret.

The lady, a certified nurse, claimed that she went out late one night to get water and met the man who would later become her husband.

Her husband, a doctor, on the other hand, cries when he has to take his medicine.

She testified in a subsequent video that although he no longer cries, someone has to hold his nose before he can take his medicine.

Some thoughts on the video…

@Abike❤️❤️❤️ responded: “Doctor in the mud 😂😭”

@Chichetaram💕 said: “Take me this 😭😂 if it's not a shot then I don't want it”

@Lynee Cyril wrote: “Let the doctor taste his own medicine 😂”

@kayvee 🕊️☀️💦👑💎 asked: “na for me to find good or tap wey dey outside the compound 😂abeg after sink, are you carrying a bucket, what are you wearing, bathroom slippers or what?”

@LEZTEN👾🫥 added: “I'm literally like that too 🥺, sometimes I'd rather tolerate the disease sef😂😂, my mom sees drugs under the chair wella wella😭😭”


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