If I can see Mohbad again, I will tell him to be careful with the woman he marries – the late singer's father

In a recent statement, Joseph Aloba, the father of late Nigerian singer Mohbad, said what he would say to Mohbad if he saw him again.

The late singer's father, during a guest appearance on Max 103.2 FM, claims that he would advise Mohbad to be careful with the lady he marries if he were to see him again.

This comes just days after Mohbad's father told everyone he feared for his life, claiming Mohbad's wife Omowunmi and her lawyer Falana would kill him.

Remember, Mohbad father and Mohbad wife were not on the same side since the singer's death.

Mohbad's father testified to the coroner that Wunmi was very unfaithful to his son when he was alive, narrating how his son told him that Wunmi put sleeping pills in noodles for him and that she was going to sleep with a signer in another house. room in the same house where they lived.

In an interview with Max 103.2FM, Mohbad's father revealed that his late son made mistakes in his marriage decisions because he was a quiet man and did not tread with enough caution.

He went on to say that Mohbad's wife and her family had come into his life only to steal from him and leave once they had amassed their belongings.

He went on to say that based on his claim that there was only an introduction that resulted in an engagement, he was not in favor of the marriage of his late son Mohbad to his wife.

The late singer's father emphasized that Mohbad was the man who paid Wunmi's dowry and not Mohbad's parents.

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See comments below;

_southside_4: Mohbad sef must be careful with you too. If he was still alive. No one deserves such a man as a father.

mohteerays: The baba single-handedly ruined fire justice for his son. If you get the chance to see your son just once, he will definitely avoid you.

Princebetting tips: Why doesn't Wunmi even agree to do DNA or why can't we see the results of the DNA stamped and signed by the hospital?

vceebotanic: Those who insult Mohbad's mother, how many interviews has she given since her son's death and how many has his father given so far?

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