“If na yahoo boy, he go dey form” – Man praised as he storms market supporting baby

A heartwarming video explains a Nigerian man carrying a baby on his back while shopping for vegetables at the market.

A video making the rounds on social media, shared on TikTok by Ade Jennifer, showed the man's parenting skills as he expertly cares for the child.

“A better husband, if he is not a yahoo boy, he will change shape,” Jennifer praised the man for his nurturing approach, comparing him to a devoted mother in the way he carried the baby.

The video has sparked mixed reactions from netizens, with some expressing appreciation for the man's efforts as a parent.

Reactions as man storms the baby that supports the market

ifeomaugochukwu858 commented: “The day I traveled for a job, my husband wanted to kill me with phone calls.”

AsaAbig said, “May your days be long, amen, brother. Nice, keep it up.”

Fleta said, “Someone needs to reach their parents quickly. His wife doesn't follow me. There is nothing you can tell me.”

Frank commented, “What's better about that? Go Hussle and send money to do that kind of work.

The technician said, “Poor man marries rich woman.”

temi said: “I love you so much. My husband would have to learn.”

Azubuike okonkwo Iwuba said: “Juju dey work.”

Watch the video below…


Better husband #makemegofrial #fbyツforyou🤍🦋 #tiktok #comdylife🥰🥰💝 #comdylife🥰🥰💝

♬ original sound – @adajennifer9

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