“A host of women await your husband if you constantly quarrel with him,” warns Pastor Deborah to wedded females

Pastor Deborah Omale finds herself in the eye of a storm due to the forthright advice she gave Nigerian wives. Her counsel has ignited heated conversations, eliciting responses from different directions of the country.

Pastor Omale’s controversial view, which has gained considerable traction, urges wives to steer clear from routine conflicts with their spouses. She cautioned that it might push men towards the companionship of other women. She underscored the significance of delivering harmony and satisfaction to their husbands despite any disagreements or complaints.

The heart of Pastor Omale’s admonition lies in her belief that constant bickering and quarreling may expel husbands from their homes and into the presence of other women. This forthright view appears to have split public sentiment in Nigeria.

Following Pastor Omale’s advice, debate has erupted on various social media platforms.


truecrimedaniel: “Even without daily disagreements, there’s a throng waiting for him outside. Infidelity is an individual decision, scarcely related to any other person.”

is_glams: “The kind of ambience a man concocts at home shapes what he seeks out. You can’t orchestrate a tumultuous home and anticipate tranquillity.”

dear_hopee: “So, just because other women are available, should we overlook his continuous humiliations? These are the promoters of male dominance, seriously.”

babydoll_sugarcrunch: “Women too have alternatives. It’s not solely about an imprudent man. Men should understand how to conduct themselves at home and differentiate it from the external world. If you maintain your wife’s elation, she won’t argue with you. Let there be reciprocity of feelings. Men need care. Sometimes a little spat can reset the rhythm. They’re easily swayed, which is why often they abandon their families. Speak up when needed.”

laviva bae: “Enough of this, it’s exhausting. What about the responsibilities men have to fulfil to keep their wives happy? It’s incessantly about do’s and don’ts for women. Are we merely in existence to cater to men’s whims?”

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